Corporate Videos

If you want to show the whole world what your business can do for them, this is the package for you!  This is a perfect option for trade shows and business meetings.

This is a perfect way to give a virtual tour of your facility without the customer actually being there.

We will film every aspect of your business, and add narration, music, and photos. A DVD will be created, which you can then have mass produced to hand out to potential clients. Click below to see an example of what we can do for you.
Iroquois Water promotional video

Event Videos

Our event videos service is designed for a professional setting in mind, such as business meetings, conferences, presentations, and award ceremonies.

Situations can arise where some business associates cannot attend your event. There may be a need for certain individuals to review the information given at a later time. This is the perfect way to make sure everyone is able to get the information they need.

A DVD copy will be made, along with menus, music, narration, DVD label, and case. The finished product can be easily mailed out to your desired audience in a small package.

Lighting and microphones can be provided depending on the situation. The microphones are only for picking up better sound for the DVD, and not for the speaker system at the event.

Click below to see an example of what we can do for you.
Organic Agriculture - What it can offer Canada


Our pricing will be determined once we meet with you to discuss the details.

Our hourly rate is $80/hour. Contact Us today to set up an appointment.



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