DVD Slideshows

Do you have boxes and boxes of precious photos that you don't want to have to dig out of your basement every time you want to look at them? We provide a convenient way to preserve these photos, and to make it easier to show to family and friends in a more fun and interesting way.
It's called Photo-to-DVD Slideshow.

-First, you provide us with your photos in your selected order.
-Then add the music of your choice to accompany the slideshow(s).
-The photos are then scanned into the computer one by one, removing "red-eye", fixing   brightness and contrast problems.
-The photos are then laid out into our software, where we create different types of fades   and special effects from photo to photo.
-We create a basic DVD menu, which allows you to play a slideshow, or a selection of   various slideshows on one DVD.
-Each DVD comes in its own case.
-2 hours of high quality slideshows can fit onto one DVD


Pricing is charged on a "per photo" basis.
A minimum of 30 photos is required.
The average song can fit 60 photos comfortably at around 3-4 seconds per photo.
Photos which need to be scanned - $1.50 each
Digital photos provided on CD or diskette - $0.50 each
Negatives - $2 each
We can copy multiple DVD's for you to give to family and friends as a gift. They include a full color label and case.
The first 5 DVD's copied will be $7 each, and each additional DVD is $6.


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