PC Repair (see below for pricing)

Blue screens?
Weird noises?
Booting problems?
Losing your precious information?
Running too hot or slowing down?

This is usually a sign that one of your computer components are failing, or are in need of repair, replacement, or cleaning.

Let us take a look at it for you! You have the option for us to come to your home, or we can pick it up and work on it in-house. We'll even drop it off for you when it's fixed!*

Do you need a new computer? Or want to upgrade only parts of your old one to improve performance? Contact us and we will determine what you would need based on what you want to be able to do with it.

Many people will buy a computer, not even knowing what they are getting, and most of the time spend too much money for what their actual needs might be. Another mistake is to buy a computer because the price a lot cheaper than the competitors. The speed and the parts may be the same, but the quality and brand of these parts could be very different. Your "cheap" computer might only last a year or two.

With quality parts from Computer Guy, your computer should last 5+ years.

PC Maintenance (see below for pricing)

Over time, your computer gets cluttered with programs and files, slowing down your system.

We can clean it up for you, and make it run like new!
We will...

- Make sure anti-virus is up-to-date and run a system scan
- Clean up unnecessary temporary files and programs
- Remove any spyware which can be harmful to the security to your computer.**
- Suggest tips to keeping your system in shape
- Clean out dust from inside PC and check all fans
- Reinstall your operating system if needed, with backup of important files
- Install new hardware such as wireless cards, routers, and hard drives
- Install software

**Removing spyware can sometimes cause programs P2P programs such as limewire
to stop working. We are not responsible for any damage done to such software. The
customer must reinstall if they wish to continue using it.


Residential Clients
We offer a free assessment to determine the problem, at which point we will be able to quote a price. Rate will depend on work to be done. Our rates are very competitive and affordable.

Business Clients


There is a 1 hour minimum charge for both in-shop and on-site service.
Most work should only be performed in-shop, to ensure that all of our tools are available and to provide a quick turn-around.

Please contact us using our online form detailing the problem you are having, and we will respond within 24 hours.



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