PC Tutoring

Pc tutoring is a 1-on-1 introduction to understanding how to use your computer properly, without being afraid to try new things. With this service, you will learn very important tips, which can improve your confidence and impress your family and friends. Some of the things we can teach you are...

- Folder structure, copying, pasting, and moving files
- Simple word processing
- Backing up your important files
- Burning CD's and DVD's
- Cleaning up clutter on your system to improve performance
- Managing your photo collection
- Avoiding certain programs which could infect your computer

You will learn in the comfort of your own home, at your own computer, and we will guide you step-by-step until you are confident enough to do everything you need to do and more!

Our pricing is on a per hour basis at $30 for the Brockville area.
For out of city trips, billing will commence from the time we leave our office,
to the time we get back.



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