Photo Restoration

We restore, enhance, and manipulate old and new photographs, slides, or negatives,
either color or black & white, digitally on a computer using state-of-the-art hardware and software.

We can restore the vibrant colors in your faded photograph or even colorize a black and white or sepia tone photograph. Other abilities include adding or removing a person or object in a photograph, cropping unwanted sections, adding text, changing backgrounds, and enlarging or reducing the size. Picture packages are available in all popular sizes from wallet sized to poster size. All finished photographs are printed onto high quality photo paper.

All work is done in-house.  Come see us and we will digitally scan your photographs in seconds, with no harm to the original!


Level of damage will be determined after inspection of photograph by our staff.
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Option A  |   Option B  |   Option C  |   Option D  |   Option E

Option A - $25-$40


-Removal of minor damage such as small cracks and scratches to low detailed areas on border, background or flat patterned clothing or faces.

-Adjust minor brightness and contrast problems

-Removal of small blemishes, red eye, and fading

-Convert color or sepia tone into black & white

-Re-construction of missing sections in low detailed areas

Option B - $45-$60


-Removal of moderate damage such as cracks and scratches on borders and backgrounds, and to more detailed areas on persons clothing or an object

-Color change of eyes, clothes, objects, and backgrounds with medium detail.

-Fix irregular fading

-Simple background changes or removal of background

-Adjust moderate brightness and contrast problems

Option C - $65-$80


-Removal of moderate to high damage such as cracks, scratches, and tears in high detailed areas which includes complex objects in background and foreground, a subjects clothing or face.

-Addition or removal of people or objects to or from background or foreground of photo.

-Moderate background changes

-Adjust major brightness and contrast problems

Option D - $85-$120


-Removal of major damage such as cracks, scratches, and missing sections of complex objects, clothing, and body parts including the face in background and foreground.
-Major background changes.

Option E - $80-$150


-Colourization of black and white or sepia tone photographs.

-Colours of objects in photo will need to be provided before work will begin

-Restoration is extra

Prices are subject to change without notice.


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