VHS to DVD Conversion

Are you concerned that your precious VHS tapes are degrading every time you watch them?

We can preserve them for future viewing by converting them to DVD! With DVD's you can easily access any part of your video without the need of fast forwarding or rewinding to find the spot you need.

Chapters are created at the start of any new scene, so you'll never miss a moment. We currently transfer VHS tapes, VHS-C tapes, which are older camcorder tapes, and Digital Video Tapes (DV).

DVD's can hold between 2-4 hours of video

Video Capture
$20 for 2 hour tape ($5 for every extra hour)

$8 per tape (VHS-C)

Customized menus- $15 per DVD

Addition of music to video - $10

Additional copies - $3 each ($5 with labels)

8mm/Super 8mm/16mm Film to DVD Conversion

Do you have old 8/Super 8 silent or 16mm film with sound of your childhood memories collecting dust in your attic or basement? Would you like to preserve these memories for your children to see without the worry of your old projector ruining them? Our service provides you with all of your movies conveniently preserved on a DVD or VHS tape. The next step is creating your DVD. We can customize it with specialized menus, and music of your liking.  With chapters on your DVD, you no longer have to rewind or fast forward through your footage to find what you're looking for.  Everything is accessible at the touch of a button.  Please take the time to browse our gallery and pricing sections.

Once your reels are digitally copied into our computer, we will cut out any bad sections, color correct and fix brightness and contrast.

Your finished video will be copied to DVD disc.  We can also copy it to a VHS tape, but the quality will degrade every time you view it.  DVD's can last much longer if kept properly.

Your DVD will come with a basic menu, music of your choice, DVD case with label, and chapters to find what you're looking for at the push of a button. 

We also offer custom menus and DVD cases.  They can contain pictures of family members, collectibles, and keepsakes.


$2 per minute of film (includes color correction)

1 400 foot reel = 30 minutes
1 300 foot reel = 22 minutes
1 200 foot reel = 15 minutes
1 50 foot reel = 4 minutes

Custom Menus - $15 for first menu, $8 for each additional menu
Custom case artwork (based on order)
Copies - $3 ($5 with labels)

Prices are subject to change without notice.



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